How to stop a major canned fruit recall

A major canned tomato recall nationwide has prompted a major online outcry from consumers, including people who say they’re afraid of eating canned fruit again.

The canned fruit was sold in supermarkets nationwide on Friday as part of a national recall for an estimated 200 million cans of the canned tomato.

A recall issued Friday for about 2 million cans, or 8.6 percent of the nation’s cans, is expected to be completed by Monday, according to the National Canning, Processing and Packaging Association.

The National Caning Association says consumers can’t eat canned fruit that is not listed on the label.

A consumer group, the California Consumers Association, said it would not eat canned tomatoes and other canned fruit until it got the full recall order.

A California Department of Food and Agriculture spokesman says there is no official recall yet.

But the Associated Press found that a consumer group in Orange County, Calif., has already called the California Canning Association for a statewide canned fruit ban.

The AP spoke to one person who said she will not eat a canned fruit or juice until the entire recall is complete.

She asked that her name not be used because she’s afraid of being labeled as a consumer.

Her husband told her not to eat canned food again.

But she said she won’t eat anything else until the canned fruit and fruit juice are pulled off store shelves.

Some consumers say the canned fruits and juice are tainted.

The canned fruit, according the AP, has a “slight” taste.

A food safety expert told the AP that the canned tomatoes sold in the recall were contaminated with Salmonella.

The FDA is investigating the Salmonellosis and said it has not found any food safety concerns.

“There’s nothing to worry about.

You’ve just got to eat healthy, eat fresh and never eat canned fruits again,” said the woman who spoke to the AP.