Why is this expired canned fruit tea in the U.S.?

This expired can dicot fruit tea is being sold in the United States at a high price.

NBC News has obtained the label of the can dICOT Fruit Tea that was sold in Costco in the fall.

The brand’s name is now expired and the company is selling the product at a price that is over $40 per can.

The can is the product of a Chinese company that was bought by Costco in 2008 and has been selling the can for $100 a can.

Costco did not respond to a request for comment from NBC News.

The company is now trying to figure out how to keep the product alive.

Costco said it would be reopening the can to consumers and would replace it with a new can that has the same contents and quality.

The company said it plans to distribute the can in Costco stores by the end of the month.

The can dICOOT product is made of organic cane sugar, with organic cane juice and organic cane fruit juice.

It has no added sugar and no preservatives.

The liquid is supposed to be a natural source of vitamin C, and is also used in traditional Chinese medicine, a popular practice among Chinese people.

Costco has been pushing a range of canned foods in recent years to promote its sustainability and to help the company save money on food.