When is canned fruit Sorbet?

Canning is a method of preserving fruit in liquid form.

The process is very time-consuming and can be done only after the fruit has been harvested and the water has cooled down to room temperature.

The canned fruit is placed into a vessel with a lid on top, and a heating pad placed over it.

The water in the vessel is allowed to cool, and then the fruit is strained out of the vessel with an immersion blender.

It is then poured into a jar.

A small amount of water is added to the jar.

The jar is left on the countertop until the next day when it is picked up.

A few days later, the jars are picked up again and placed in a cooler to keep them from freezing.

The fruit is picked out of a small, sealed can and placed on a large plastic sheet.

The can is then covered with a small plastic sheet and sealed with a plastic bag.

When the fruit and water are ready, the can is sealed with another plastic bag, and it is stored in a cool place until the fruit can be picked up and canned again.

The last step is to put the canned fruit into a canning jar.

To pick up and can the fruit, remove the plastic bag and place it in a container with ice and then put the fruit in the canning container.

When ready to pick up the fruit from the canner, place the can on a small plate and seal the lid.

The container is left in a cold place until it is ready to eat.

The fruits can be served cold, or frozen.