What the Bible says about a fruit, a fruit that has a high salt content

Cana fruit is a fruit known as “a fruit with a high sugar content.”

It has a salt content of 3.5 percent, the highest salt content found in a fruit.

The fruit is also known as a “canned fruit” or “cranberry.”

It’s typically made with grapes, cranberries, or figs.

However, Cana fruits can be made with a variety of fruits, and in fact, there are many varieties of cana fruits available for sale.

There are also some varieties of dried cana that are dried to remove moisture and salt from the fruit.

Some cana varieties are known as cana sopranos or cana nectar.

Cana can be consumed fresh or dried, but the dried variety is the most popular variety.

In fact, the dried fruit is so popular that the fruit has a nickname in Spanish: cana cano.

Here are some of the main benefits of canas dried fruit.

Canas dried fruits are very sweet and contain high amounts of sugar.

It is thought that the sugar content in the dried fruits is so high that people have a tendency to eat more of the dried version than of the fresh fruit.

It also has a strong flavor and is often served with rice or pasta.

Canal fruits are often used as a replacement for fruits, such as bananas.

Canals dried fruit has very high sugar levels, but because it has so much salt in it, it’s not as salty as a fresh fruit like a mango.

Because of this, canals dried fruits can also be eaten raw or fried.

Because the salt content is so low, it can be eaten at a variety on the market.

You can buy dried canas from the grocery store or online.

If you buy dried fruit, it will be in a jar or box that will hold about two pounds.

If it’s dried and there’s not enough salt, it might be best to put the dried cananas in the fridge for a few days to cool.

In addition, it helps to store them in a sealed container for a couple of days to keep them from rotting.

To enjoy a cana dried fruit taste, it should be wrapped in plastic wrap.

This prevents the fruit from spoiling and gives the taste of fresh.

It’s also a good idea to serve cana with rice and pasta.