Can you tell the difference between canned fruit and fresh fruit?

Fresh fruit is a fruit you can see from the top of the fruit; canned fruit is the fruit you find in the bottom.

Can you pick out a fresh fruit or can you tell it apart?

The main way to tell a fresh apple is by looking at its appearance.

Canned fruit is usually soft, with its skin looking white, the outer layer of the skin is a bright orange colour.

Fresh fruit has a shiny surface and a soft texture, but its skin is dark and slightly darker than a normal fruit.

If you pick up fresh fruit, it will have a different colour to that of a normal orange.

The skin is usually very thin, and is very hard.

When you try to peel it, it is a very hard and tough peel.

When the fruit is peeled, it looks more like a hard candy shell than a fruit.

Can I eat it raw?

The answer to this question depends on the fruit.

Some fruit, such as peaches, have an outer layer that looks like a soft sponge.

When this layer is peeled off, you will see a soft, soft sponge that has a smooth surface.

If the fruit has an outer surface that is soft and glossy, you should be able to pull the fruit off with a little effort.

A peeled pea will not look as if it is soft, as it has an inner layer of skin.

Some of the most common types of fruit are peaches and melons.

You can eat raw fruit that has just been peeled and then peel it again for a different flavour.

The peel that is left behind is called the peel.

You will also find that most peaches will have peeling and cracking properties when they are peeled.

What is the difference with fresh and canned fruit?

Fresh fruit can be eaten raw or cooked, but there are many factors to consider when picking up fresh fruits.

You should not put fresh fruit in the microwave as the food will get overcooked and you will lose its flavour.

Fresh fruits will retain their flavour for a long time if they are kept in a cool, dark place.

The fruit should be cooked and stored in a dry place.

Can canned fruit be eaten?

Can canned fruits be eaten at home?

There are some types of canned fruit that can be enjoyed in a restaurant.

You are not allowed to eat canned fruit at home, as they may not have been picked fresh and are likely to have been stored for a very long time.

In addition, some canned fruits may have a strong flavour, and some canned fruit may not be suitable for people who are sensitive to some substances in them.

You cannot eat canned fruits at home unless you have a proper, home-made food processor and can easily clean and sanitise it.

Can fruit be stored for longer than five days?

Can fruit that is fresh and soft be stored in the fridge?

The most important thing to remember is that fresh fruit can only be eaten fresh.

You do not want to freeze canned fruit to eat at home.

Some canned fruits have a higher shelf life, so it is best to store them in the refrigerator.

Do I need to know what type of fruit I am eating to pick it?

Yes, you do need to be able pick a fruit to know if it has been picked by a professional.

You must be able tell that it has not been picked from the ground.

Can the colour of a fruit change if it’s been picked at home or if it was picked fresh?

It depends on how old the fruit was.

Fresh, ripe fruit will have more vibrant colour.

Cucumbers, figs and bananas are more colourful, with the darker and red fruit looking more vibrant.

Fresh and ripe fruits will look darker if they have been peeled.

Can it be eaten as a salad?


The colour of the dressing on a salad depends on whether the fruit or vegetables were picked fresh or canned.

Fresh is best, as the flavour of the colouring will be richer.

Caught fruit is best served with a fresh salad.

Some types of salads can be made with canned fruit.

In general, if you can find canned fruit, you can eat it.

You may also be able choose to eat it in a salad, rather than on top of a salad.

What should I do if I am picking fruit for myself?

Before picking a fruit, check the fruit to see if it looks different to what you are used to picking.

Can a fruit be pickled?

You can pick fruits by placing them in a glass of water and placing them on a countertop or on the floor of a kitchen or dining room.

If a fruit is pickled, you are using it for cooking and to make a sauce, as well as for serving to guests.

When can I buy canned fruit for personal use?

Canned fruits can be bought at most supermarkets or other places where fruit is sold, but you will need to make your own decision on whether or not you will eat it as a meal.

Can fresh fruit be