When fruit trees are killed by a cane slug

By now you’ve probably seen this.

A slug, usually a yellowish-brown fruit slug, has been chewing off the branches of a cane plant.

The tree has been destroyed, and the fruit is no longer edible.

The fruit is usually a cholla, which is an edible green fruit found in the Caribbean.

But this is not the case in Canada.

The plant, known as the apple tree, is protected by the Canadian government.

The government has issued a permit to grow and sell the fruit.

But it’s not going to happen soon.

The maple syrup industry in Canada is facing an existential crisis, according to John Rieckhoff, a fruit-growing expert at the University of Manitoba.

“The maple syrup producers are suffering a crisis of supply.

The syrup is extremely scarce,” Riekeckhoff told Engadgets.

“They are unable to get enough of the stuff to meet demand.

The producers are struggling to keep their production in line, and they’re struggling to get a supply contract signed.”

Maple syrup is one of the most widely consumed beverages in Canada, and has been for some time.

“In the past 10 years, demand for maple syrup has gone up by 40 per cent,” Rieschkeck says.

“It’s a huge amount of syrup, so that’s a major problem.”

In the United States, a similar crisis has occurred with sugarcane, which has been devastated by the disease brucellosis.

But in Canada’s case, there is no such crisis.

“Canada has a really strong agricultural industry, and there’s a lot of industry in maple syrup,” Riemkeck said.

“And there’s still a lot to be done.

The industry is in good shape.

It’s not really in a place to do any damage to itself.”

Rieekckhoff said it’s unclear when this issue will be resolved.

“There is no way to know when it will be fixed.

It depends on what the supply agreement is, and that’s not a sure thing,” he said.

The problem is, there’s no clear plan.

“I don’t think we’re going to see a lot more of this,” RIEckhoff says.

If you need maple syrup, here’s how to find it: Riekkeckhans website is an excellent resource for information on the industry.

There are a lot that are free online, but you might have to ask the maple syrup supplier for a coupon code to get some for free.

Here’s a list of the stores that sell maple syrup: