Can’t get over the cost of canned fruit in Canada

Can’t Get Over the Cost of Canning Fruit in Canada: A Canadian Customs report by CTV News reveals that a small handful of imported fruit and vegetables can be a costly burden.

The report notes that Canadians spend $2.8 billion on food annually.

But canning fruit costs just $0.01 per pound, and that’s in the US, where it costs only $0,000 per pound.

The report also found that Canadians were more likely to be asked for a tax receipt for imported fruit than other countries.

A whopping 70 per cent of the requests for fruit tax receipts were from Canadians.

A spokesman for the Canada Revenue Agency said the agency had seen the report and would be reviewing the findings.

“This study confirms that Canada is among the top producers of imported food,” he said in a statement.

“As we have been working with the government of Canada to increase its ability to reduce food waste, we are now reviewing this report.

The CRA welcomes any comments it may receive on this report.”