How to make a healthy winter fruit cup

By Sarah Denton/BBC NewsWhat’s in a winter fruit?

The fruit is the most important part of a winter dinner for many.

The winter fruit is one of the three main foods that we eat for energy.

What’s it called?

It’s called a “fruit cup” and is made of dried cranberries, sugar cane and coconut, according to its makers.

How does it taste?

Cranberries are known to be rich in antioxidants and fibre.

Coconut is known to help fight inflammation.

And it’s low in calories.

It is also very high in vitamin C and other healthy fats.

There are many different kinds of winter fruit cups available, but the one I’m using is the popular “pumpkin cup” from the Australian supermarket.

What to do if you have a hard time finding a winter cup?

I’d suggest trying one of these two: Try using canned fruit or a fruit cup from a grocery store that’s been frozen.

It’s better to use one from a bakery, as it’s cheaper.

Find a cup that’s at least three weeks old.

Use a fruit bowl, as this is the best option.

Put some shredded coconut on top.

Get a small, air-tight container.

If you’re trying to make an ice cream cone, I’d suggest making one of my favourite things: a strawberry or mango ice cream cup.

Have a cup with fruit on top of the ice cream.

Fill the cup with ice cream, then sprinkle a little of the fruit on it.

Mix it up and enjoy!

What to avoidWhen shopping for a winter-only Christmas gift, make sure to shop carefully.

Most retailers won’t carry winter-specific products, including canned fruit.

If you have an allergy, try buying frozen foods, instead.

This may not be an option for you, but I recommend using an ice-cream or fruit bowl as a replacement. 

If you don’t like frozen foods or prefer to buy a cup or two of fruit, I would recommend avoiding buying them altogether. 

The fruit cup is also a good way to make it easy to add fruit to your winter meal.

Try adding a few berries to a chilled chocolate cup, or a cup of fresh cranberries to a cake. 

Have a look at my Winter Fruit Tips article for more information.

Christmas has a lot of things to offer.

Here are some tips to get you through the festive season:Winter-only food: Canned fruit: Get canned fruit in its natural state, such as frozen, fresh or dried, so it’s ready to eat at the beginning of December.

Dried cranberries: Buy dried cranberry preserves or freeze dried cranapple slices in small jars.

Fruit cups: The best cup is the one with fresh fruit on the outside.

If you’re not sure whether it’s fresh or not, you can buy it.

The dried fruit can be bought from the fruit section of supermarkets, or you can use a fruit bucket to store it.

Make your own cup: You can buy a fruit or frozen cup from the supermarket and add it to any of the following: a smoothie or smoothie base, a cup to make ice cream or fruit cake, a fruit can or fruit cup. 

How to make your own winter cup:To make your cup, fill it with fruit, cover it with the juice from a small fruit, and make sure you’re in the fridge to keep it warm.

Make sure you don the bowl, or use a food container as the bowl.