When I was a fruit picker, I had to think twice about the berries I ate

When I lived in Vancouver in the 1990s, I didn’t think about the fruits I picked.

I was so busy enjoying the freshness of the local produce, it was often difficult to remember that there was a reason why it was so important to eat fresh fruit.

But with the arrival of the first fruit season of 2018, that changed.

For me, it became about making sure that I had fresh, nutritious produce available to me.

I used to have a lot of fruit I would pick, because I was really interested in the flavour of the fruit, but I also felt that I needed to be able to make sure that it was fresh and nutritious.

I would make sure the berries were ripe before I even touched them, because it was a really important part of the preparation.

And I’d also take the fruits home to try them out on the family, because there’s something about seeing the fruit on the table that you can get really excited about.

So the idea was to have fresh produce for my family and then take it home and make sure it was nutritious and that it didn’t have a high level of sugar.

We have a really good relationship with the B.C. government about how they manage fruit and vegetables, and it was really important for me to have that in place.

When I was growing up in Toronto, I was obsessed with the quality of the produce that we had at the grocery store.

I wanted to be sure that we got what we needed.

And so when I grew up, I knew that the first thing that I would want to know about a fruit was that it wasn’t too sweet or too spicy or too tart.

I wanted to know what the flavour profile was, and I wanted the sweetness and the spice.

And if the flavour was too mild or too strong, I would be worried that I wouldn’t like it.

But it’s not like there are a lot more things I need to do to make my food taste good.

I know that there are things that I need that I can do that I’m not aware of yet.

So I have a little bit of a challenge with that, but there are ways that I work with my family to make it so that I don’t have to.

I can make sure we have fresh fruit and we get it home with us.