How to prepare canned fruit in Canada

Can you imagine the best baked goods on the planet, all in a single batch?

It’s the idea of the ‘Canned Fruit Bowl’ and it is not to be missed.

It’s something I hope to do in the future.

The bowl comes in two varieties.

The traditional one is a simple crockpot-style bowl with a base of a variety of fruits and vegetables.

The new version is a bowl that you can freeze for the next day.

I’ve used this recipe for a couple of years now.

I love the texture of the bowl, but I think the ingredients really add to the flavor.

The best part is that it is very simple and there is no need to cook or mix anything.

You simply combine the ingredients and bake in your crock pot.

The result?

This bowl of canned fruit will make you smile and will leave you feeling full.

It is really filling and delicious.

Here’s how to prepare it. 1.

Cut up some of the fruit into cubes.

Place the cubes in the bowl and set aside.


Add some of your favorite fruit to the bowl.


Add your favorite vegetables.


Add in some shredded coconut.


Add a handful of fresh shredded coconut flakes to the top.


Add more shredded coconut to the bottom.


Add fresh chopped coconut flakes.


Add about a cup of water.


Add the shredded coconut and a pinch of salt.


Bake in your Crockpot for 8-10 hours, depending on how much fruit you want to add.

It will take a little longer if you are using more than one fruit, but once you have that, you will have a bowl of delicious fruit.

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I will definitely try to update this recipe in the near future.

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