Can You Buy a Fruit Water Canada?

A fruit water canadian is selling a fruit water that looks pretty much like a fruit, but with a smaller amount of water.

The can, from the brand “Canned Fruit Costco”, costs $14.99.

The name of the brand is a play on the name of a fruit.

The can is from the CanCan brand, a brand of fruit water from CanCan, the Canadian fruit and vegetable company.

The company’s website says the can has a canning capability, which means the water can be sterilized.

It’s the fruit water we’re talking about, and it’s made from the same water as fruit juice.

You can buy a fruitwater canada from Costco for about $14 USD.

The brand also says the fruit is “water-soaked” and contains no sugar.

It has a 3-ounce can and comes in a “regular” or “light” can.

The light can can costs about $15 USD.

While it’s not quite as sweet as a can of juice, the water is still good value for the money.

This is because it’s also a fruit-based product.