Can’t drink fruit from the canned fruit recall in Canada?

CANADA – Canned fruit and fruit-like products may have been contaminated with lead, a federal health agency said Friday.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency said it had tested about 4.6 million canned fruit and vegetable products in the United States, and in Canada, more than 1.1 million.

The agency says the contamination has not been confirmed in Canada.

It said it is investigating.

The food safety agency said its tests showed that in Canada it has found lead levels in about 50 per cent of canned fruit, fruit juice, and fruits and vegetables.

The FDA said in a news release that it has tested more than 3 million food products, including canned fruit in the U.S., but not in Canada because of the lead contamination.

“As of Friday, more products in Canada have exceeded lead limits than were in the USA at the time of sampling,” the agency said.

It also said the FDA had received more than 5,000 complaints from consumers and businesses about contaminated fruit and vegetables and canned fruit products in stores.