Which fruit importers are making the most money in Thailand?

CANNABIS CANNABE: Canabis, which is currently one of the world’s biggest exporters of canned fruit, is a big player in the canned fruit business.

Canabes’ annual revenue is estimated at $7.5 billion, with the majority of that coming from the Thai fruit market, according to an estimate from market research firm Nielsen.

In 2014, the company produced about 1.5 million metric tons of canned fruits, according the company’s annual report.

Its main competitor in the market is the Japanese brand, Kashi, which also operates in Thailand.

CANADA: The Canada is the world leader in canned fruit production.

It is the largest producer of canned tropical fruit (C-Trifecta) and has grown the fruit industry in the country since it was introduced to the market in 2002.

In 2018, the Canada reported $2.7 billion in annual revenue, making it one of Canada’s largest exporters.

The company is also one of Europe’s top exporters and its products are used in refrigerated goods, canned food and food packaging.

CANADIAN: The Canadian market is dominated by the United States, which has been the world market leader for canned fruit.

It was also the largest exporter of canned mangoes in 2018, according an estimate by market research company Euromonitor International.

CANUKA: Canuka is a large Indonesian company which has its roots in the Indonesian market.

In 2007, it began producing canned fruits in Indonesia.

The Canuka’s largest export is the Thai banana, which was the top export for 2018.

The majority of its revenue comes from the market for the Thai mango.

CANUSA: Canusa is a Spanish company that is a subsidiary of Spanish state-owned group Grupo Canales S.A. In 2012, it launched Canusa’s Canada brand, which makes fruit drinks.

In 2017, the total market for Canusa was estimated at nearly $7 billion.

Canusa has also been growing in Thailand, as it has expanded its products to include canned mango and canned avocado.

CANZEN: Canzens products are made from dried fruits and vegetables, which are imported from countries like Germany and Italy.

Canzen also has a contract to produce fruit juice in Thailand and is planning to make its products in the United Kingdom.

The largest Canzenes markets are Germany and Belgium.