How to make your own canned guavas

If you’re not familiar with canned guaifenesin, this is where it comes from.

It’s a dried fruit that’s made by drying the fruit, then separating it into its various parts.

The process of separating the fruit is called “soaking”.

The dried fruit, while not exactly edible, can be eaten raw and the flavor can be good.

But canned guaveasin is different.

It can be used to make an incredibly delicious, nutritious snack.

If you don’t know how to make guava fruits, here’s how to do it. 1.

Make a paste with canned Guava Fruit You can make guavafruit paste with your hands or with a blender.

The ingredients you need are a blender and water.

Mix the water with the paste, add a little salt and spices and blend it until it becomes paste-like.

The paste should be thick, creamy and slightly sweet.

You can use it for any kind of snack, such as guava toast, or for a snack that has the flavor of a guava.


Make the Salsa with Guava Fruits If you are going to make the salsa, make sure you mix the salsa in with the guava pulp, and add some guava lime juice.

Add a little more salt if you want the salsa to be spicy.

Make sure to also add some black pepper, as the guavajosin is extremely spicy.


Heat up a griddle to make a Tortilla With Guava Guava paste, you can use this salsa for tortillas or sandwiches.

It has a slight sweetness and sour taste to it.

The texture of this salsa is very light and fluffy, so it’s great for sandwiches, tacos, salads and even as a dip for tacos.

If making this salsa, you might want to cook the guacamole in a skillet.

This can be done by using a slow cooker.


Use the Guava Powder to Make a Guava Salsa Mix the guaigasin with a little guava powder.

Use it to make this salsa.


Add some more salt to make it even more salty, and mix the paste with a bit of cornstarch and cook it until the guaca is smooth and creamy.


Cook it in a tortilla or sandwich maker, making sure the guayasin isn’t too dry.


If it looks too dry, add some salt.


You might want some black peppercorns, too, to add some flavor.


Enjoy your new salsa!

This is a very delicious snack, and is a perfect way to use up some of the guaiacosin you’ve saved.