Canada border berries are the cheapest canned fruit you can buy

CANADA – JANUARY 09: The border berries from the Canadian side of the border are being sold at the local grocery store for the cheapest price you can get, according to an article from CBC News.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says that the border berries, which are made by the same company, are a cheaper alternative to canned fruit and are sold at local grocery stores and grocery stores nationwide.

For a while, the border fruit had a big popularity in the US, where consumers were desperate to save money.

A few years ago, the price of a border fruit was as high as $60 per kilogram.

The new border fruit comes in a variety of flavors, such as apple, apricot, pear and strawberry.

The berries are also being offered in an assortment of flavors.

Canadian border berries cost about $2.80 a kilogram, or about $1.40 a pound.

The price is about $4.50 cheaper than canned fruit from the US.

Canada’s border berries have been around for about five years.

According to the Canadian Food Inspectorate, the berries are harvested on both sides of the Canadian border.

“The fruit is then dried and packed into containers with a lid and sealed,” the agency said.

Canned fruit is cheaper than imported fruits in Canada, but is more expensive to produce and ship to the US from the border.