Can’t get enough canadian fruit? Now you can get it on sale!

CANADA’S CANADIAN FARMERS are getting in on the apple pie craze with cans of the ubiquitous green fruit.

The market for the fruit, known locally as apple pie, is thriving, with demand for fresh, dried, canned, freeze-dried, dried fruit growing at a fast pace.

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The app is called the Africa Canadians Guide and it will allow visitors to compare restaurants based on the number of people who have visited and the cost of each dish.

The restaurant reviews will be published every week, with restaurants offering freebies.

Africa Canadias Guide will be available on mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers for a limited time.

Africans guide will provide a snapshot of the best restaurants across the continent, with reviews of food prepared by African staff, menus prepared by Africa staff and recommendations for how to choose the best dishes at each restaurant.