What to expect in the next month as we begin to prepare for the launch of Tesco’s new fruit and vegetable line

By David LeBaronThe UK supermarket chain Tesco has revealed what it will be offering in its new canned fruit and veg range, and what to expect.

The range will be available in Tesco stores starting this month.

Tesco will launch the new range in October with a launch on the UK’s first Monday of October, but it is likely to be available online in a couple of months.

The range includes:A range of canned fruits and vegetables sourced from farmers around the UKThe latest release from Tesco. 

This range of fresh produce will include a range of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and dried fruits, all available in a range that is about 40 per cent larger than its predecessors. 

The range has been made from a range which is almost twice as large as the previous range, which was launched in 2013.

The company says:The new range features the world’s largest variety of fresh and dried produce available anywhere in the world, from the top of the food chain to the back of the supermarket. 

Tesco is also making a splash in the fresh fruit and fresh veg space with the launch in October of its new range of frozen produce.

It is offering its own brand of fresh fruit as well as a range from a number of food companies. 

 The brand, which is named ‘Tesco’s Fresh’, will feature a range made from the freshest fresh produce in the country. 

More to come on the launch.

The company will be announcing further details of the new canned food line later this month, including its price, launch date, and availability in the UK and Ireland.

Tesco has previously announced its new produce will be sourced from growers in Scotland and the North East, and will be offered at a lower price than its other range of produce.

The company has previously confirmed it will only be offering its products in supermarkets.

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