CAO-accused co-founder of Avigilon recalls canned durians

An Avigilons co-founder who was accused of being behind the recall of canned durias has been fired from the company, according to a statement posted on its website.

“The company has been made aware of an allegation of misconduct and has terminated Mr. Gheorghe Kostelevsky for the following reasons: “1.

Failure to follow company policies and procedures.


Failure of company investigators to follow the investigation into the incident and conduct their own independent investigation.”


Failure by company investigators and investigators in general to conduct a full and thorough investigation of the allegations made against Mr. Kostelesky.

The statement added that Avigilón has also been advised that Mr. Karolyi may not be able to resume his duties with the company at the moment.

The company said in a statement on Monday that it has not been able to find any evidence to corroborate the claims made against the co-Founder.

The announcement came a day after it was reported that Mr Kostelayskaya was fired.

Avigilone has been hit by an avalanche of controversy in recent weeks.

In December, Avigiloni was found to have breached EU regulations on genetically modified crops by using a pesticide that it had not approved.

In May, the company was accused by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of failing to warn consumers about the risks of the pesticide after it released a report on the risks to human health and the environment.

Avigenon is the first food company to be investigated by the US Food and Drug Administration over its use of the herbicide glyphosate.

The FDA was investigating the company in December over claims that it was marketing its products as organic and non-GMO when they were not.

Last month, Avigenons CEO and co-owner was suspended for a week following an internal investigation.