‘Canned fruit’ makes a perfect breakfast food

A lot of people in the world are still waiting for their next batch of fruit.

Here, we share a few of our favourite breakfast recipes.


Fresh mangoes, coconut milk and mango curry: A fresh mango and coconut milk is one of our favourites.

In India, you can buy mangoes in bulk at grocery stores.

The taste is very similar to mango curry, but it’s a bit sweeter and tangier.

In Australia, you might also try making it in your own kitchen with coconut milk, but we find it too sweet for our taste.

But here in Australia, we like mango curry so much that we have it on the menu of our popular Indian restaurant, The Green House.

And the mango curry is perfect for breakfast too.


Fresh coconut milk with fresh lemon juice and fresh ginger: Coconut milk is also used in India and Malaysia to make the popular mango curry.

However, we prefer to use coconut milk in our curry recipes.

You can use coconut water to make mango curry and coconut oil to make coconut milk coconut curry.


Fresh ginger root and cinnamon: Ginger root is used in Australia and India for its flavour and flavourings.

If you want to make your own ginger root curry, use fresh ginger root instead of fresh ginger.

We also have a recipe for fresh ginger, which is a very popular ingredient in Indian curry.


Fresh cauliflower rice: It is an excellent way to eat breakfast.

We have a curry recipe that is based on this delicious dish.


Fresh apple sauce: You can make apple sauce in your kitchen and use it for breakfast.

Fresh applesauce is also very popular in India.

It is a good alternative to the common apple sauce used in the West.


Fresh mint leaves: Fresh mint is used as a sweetener for breakfast and for salads.


Fresh currants: Fresh currant is used to add sweetness to Indian dishes.

We love to add fresh currants to our curry recipe.


Fresh spinach: We love spinach in our recipes and it is a great addition to our breakfast dishes.

You should use spinach for this recipe too.


Fresh avocado: We use avocado in our recipe too and it adds a delicious taste.

Fresh avocados are a good substitute for fresh tomatoes.


Fresh onion: Onion is used for its flavor and its flavourings are used to flavour curry.


Fresh garlic: It’s used for making a variety of dishes in India too.


Fresh parsley: Parsley is used with other spices in India for adding a special spice flavor to the dishes.


Fresh cilantro: Fresh cotija cilantro is used throughout India to add a nice freshness to dishes.


Fresh basil: You might try using fresh basil for a salad instead of a curry.

But if you do, don’t use a whole bunch of it. 15.

Fresh coriander: Fresh corirans are used for adding some crunch to your curry recipe, but don’t be tempted to add too much coriandise.


Fresh lemon: You may find that lemon juice is a better substitute for lemon juice in curry recipes because of its freshness.

You might also use fresh lemon to add some colour to your dishes.


Fresh rosemary: You will love fresh rosemary in your curry recipes as it adds sweetness to the dish.

You may also use rosemary as a flavoring to the curry.


Fresh chilli flakes: You have to try using chilli to add an extra spice to your recipe because of the chilli’s smell.


Fresh paprika: We add paprika to our recipes for a few reasons.

We use it to add spice to our dishes, and it’s used to taste and cook our curry dishes.


Fresh chopped chilies: You don’t need to add chilies to your recipes if you don’t want to.

We like to use them for our curry dish too.


Fresh minced garlic: Fresh minced cloves are used in our dishes too.


Fresh dried mint leaves or dried mint: Mint leaves are used as flavoring for Indian dishes like rotis, chapatis, naan, paneer and paneer biryani.


Fresh chile peppers: Chiles are used extensively in Indian dishes for flavour and color.


Fresh ground ginger: You should make your curry using ground ginger instead of the common ginger used in West.

You could also use dried ginger in your recipes.


Fresh jaggery: If you have to use jaggers in your dishes, we recommend using dried jagging instead.


Fresh parmesan: If the curry is too spicy, we suggest you add parmesans to the recipe.


Fresh curry powder: We like fresh curry powder in our casseroles and we have